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Monday, July 11, 2005


The blog is discontinued, due to lack of time. My QSLs are mainly published in DX-News, DXLC Norway. Logs also, and FM logs in various forums on the web.
Maybe I will update now and then ? But now: BREAK

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

QSL update and logs

Hola! First two QSLs from Denmark already here, by e-mail:

R Nibenitten 90.9 v/s Bente Pehrson
R Skive 104.3 v/s Pernille Frederiksen

No e-s since last posting, but moderate tropo cx have given my first peak into the Bundesrepublik, with perhaps R NORA, Westerland as best result this far. (1 kw) Seems like sea-reflection is a good thing - only water between here and Sylt.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

QSL Inbox + log update

Hello ! Two QSLs since last posting:

1) RdP Antena 1, Lousa 87.9 became my first FM-QSL from Portugal ! Rdp-card,letter, tourist-brochures in one week :-)

2) CH Tsjerniakiv, UKR 525 with verification letter+postcard from Kiev

Log update: The 11. of June gave an allright E-skip towards the Adriatic, and I also managed to ID some stations! Incredible? Maybe I will send some reports...
Today I had some time to DX, with the brand new ATS-909, which is a very good FM receiver ! Almost all DR-regionals were logged + several near radio stations. Also Schleswig_holstein appeared with two transmitters near the DK border.

My HELLO! goes to Kai S. Salvesen and his wife Signe, who came to visit us in Kristiansand yesterday. Kai is also DX-er, and is a clever fellow in many ways. His interest used to be AM pirates, but now more widespread, like broadcast in Esperanto !

Thursday, June 09, 2005

QSL+log update

QSL inbox:

India: AIR Jeypore 1467 card in 3 months.
Also cards from AIR Ranchi and AIR Jammu, can´t remember the frequencies at time of writing, but SW of course!

FM-log is increasing, most Danish near radio/ chains, but also Sweden and particularly Göteborg area is heard well. City 107.3 is a powerhouse of 1000w..Denmark not further south than Randers this far.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

QSL+log update

Hello in the rain !

Very good FM opening yesterday ! Mainly Italy and Spain and some Balkan too...I had to go to work at apprx 1415 MESZ, but managed to get quite a few logs. Unstabile peaks, and only short bursts of radio. Best logs probably Maxi Radio, Ljubomer, Slovenia(90.0 MHz) and Radio Koprivnica, Croatia on 91.7 Mhz.

One QSL by e-mail:

Spain: Punto Radio, Alcalá de Henares 100.9 e-mail with short and concise verification from Mr. Luis Arbide. My first FM-QSL from Spain !

Saturday, May 28, 2005

QSL update+logs

Hello !

One QSL last week;

Pirate/NL: Technische Man, Ruurlo 1655 card,letter,info in one month.

The sporadic e-cx improved on Saturday 28., and Italia + presumed Greek stns came on. Only one ID: R Macomer Centrale 89.3 MHz. Many UNIDs.
There were tendencies also Sunday - but no time to listen.
I have started exploring the FM-band here, and the first Swedes are heard....hoping for a BIG tropo now ! Some near radio also received from neighbouring areas. Not Danish near radio yet..

Friday, May 20, 2005

QSL update+FM opening

Today a QSL-letter came from pirate R Waves International,11401 kHz. Two weeks time, letter,QSL-letter,playlist and two cds !

Yesterday an e-skip occured, at first from a1730 Mesz and to apprx 1900. I was so annoyed,being busy waiting for our new bed to come, so I ran back and forth and just had to forget dxing,aaargh....
The standby frequency was 87.6, and both Poland and a Russian (Belorussian,Ukrainan?) was heard. I have to find my md soon! Also pop-ups for short moments on 88.4,89.5,89.9 etc. Very frustrating hours....but still fun !